My painting has been influenced by many outstanding Watercolor Artists including Ilse Reimnitz and William Hewson of Washington State, Rowena Liu, Ruth Laird Pistor, Roger Whitlock, and Snowden Hodges of Hawaii , Stephen Quiller of Colorado, Tony van Hasselt of Maine, Suzanna Winton of Georgia and Ted Nuttall of Arizona and Jennifer Carrasco of Seattle and Jan Hart of Costa Rica.  As a member of  Hawaii Watercolor Society and Windward Wanderers, there are always additional chances to learn from excellent artists. I treasure the friendships and mentorships that have happened through these organizations. My paintings have been shown in Kaneohe and Honolulu, Hawaii, and in the Seattle area.

The ability of the watercolor paints to nearly paint themselves and to provide a mood that is only suggested by the painter has always been an exciting part of painting for me. By using transparent watercolors, I feel I am  providing the liveliest form of watercolor.  Portrait painting has become my real passion and you will see more people as time goes by.